Tantalizing Tassels

Hey loves!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine wherever you live. We’ve had sun as well as showers lately. But that’s ok. Rainy days are fun for crafting and DIYs.


I adore tassels! They can be used in so many ways like these simple ribbons tied to a dreamcatcher. This is a fun project & can be made in a day.


Tassels can be added to crocheted grannie squares and used as tree ornaments  for Christmas or as a suncatcher in a window.


Added to clothing, tassels add so much pizzazz! Just look at this beautiful dress by Balmain!!


Wrapped around the ankle, as these shoes show, tassels add a bit of subtle sex appeal.


Homes get a makeover when added to blankets and toss pillows. Instant bohemian glamour


Who can resist a fun accessory? Try a bold earring like the ones above with a basic tee shirt and jeans and let them be your showstopper.

Like these ideas? Stay tuned for a quick and easy tutorial on how you can create your own affordable tassels.

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Hello there beautiful!!

A new post is coming soon, but in the meantime here are some lovely things to dream about.


Just looking at beach waves soothes my soul. I can feel their ebb and flow. And hear their crashes and whispers.


I love shades of blue. All of them are so soothing. Blue reminds me of the ocean.


This gorgeous dress above belongs to my dear friend Janice at Racked Vintage


Mermaid hair above found on Style Craze.


Sadly I can’t remember where I found this lovely photo. The details of this Victorian style blouse are stunning.

Check out this gorgeous embellished gown worn by Angela from Runway Done My Way. Have you seen her wonderful videos?! No?! Runway Done My Way


Justa Google search for the very fine images of the beach and ocean.

I hope this post gives you comfort. I enjoyed putting together a little vacation for the mind.

Blessings lovelies! 💋

Photo sources: Google, Pinterest,  and Instagram.

Hollis Eve Kind of Girl

Hello friends!!

Today I want to introduce you to Hollis Eve Company , an online boutique featuring gently worn items. I discovered this shop on the Thrifting Amino app that I help moderate.

Hollis Eve is the brainchild of two sisters from the south who discovered a love of thrifted and vintage clothing.


Influenced by fashion trends, 90’s  grunge and vintage style, the brand has a real bohemian vibe.

The Hollis Eve girl is a free spirit. She’s confident. She cares for others. But she is also shy and romantic at heart.


The boutique was a thrift shop in it’s infant years, but has grown, with the sisters,  into a specialty shop. Paly Bo does personal styling and Hollis scouts for one of a kind pieces. Their Facebook page is managed by their talented employee Doree, a cosplay artist, whom they met on You Tube.


Paly Bo explained, “I’m passionate about people loving themselves and others. I want to help individuals feel good about themselves personally and professionally. To help others discover their dreams and getting there in style.”


As kids the sisters were picked on in school because of their choice of style, something many of us can relate to.

“We would like to create a program to help low income families with children have fashionable clothing. We are 100% against bullying and those making any one feel they have no worth”, Hollis shared.


The ladies shared a piece of advice for other entrepreneurs. Find yourself  a niche, something unique to offer. Network. Help others. And be patient.

If you liked this post you can follow Hollis Eve Company via their website Hollis Eve. 

And other social media.

Facebook page @HollisEve

Depop @Hollis_Eve_Co

Instagram @bad_Hair_Day36


All photos are owned by Hollis Eve Company and were used with permission.

I want to thank Paly Bo And Hollis for allowing me to share a bit of what they do. I hope you enjoyed this post and visit them via one of their shops or social media.




Learning To Be Courageous

Hello darlings!!

Some people make New Year’s resolutions. I choose a word. And this year the Lord put the word COURAGE on my heart. Why a word you might be thinking? Because this is how I stay focused on making changes in my life. It keeps me accountable.


This is only the first quarter of the new year and already I have made a life change. I have worked most of my life in the fashion retail industry. However, earning a living in sales while supporting oneself just wasn’t feasible anymore. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Was I terrified to change my direction? You bet I was. But I trusted the Lord’s lead. And although I am still learning new skills and how to deal with some rather unsavory co-workers, I know all things will work out. It’s that inner peace when you know you are doing something right.

Jeremiah 29:11… For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a future and a hope.


I also want to cultivate courage towards my dreams. It’s a little daunting to want something that others don’t believe in or support. Why is that so? I think it is because your confidence level isn’t where it SHOULD be. Every little girl should be told she is beautiful and that she can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to. I really admire my sister for instilling these things in my niece so that she will continue to grow into a strong woman.


God gives us each gifts. We may use them or choose to ignore them. I have embraced the encourager that I am. But is there more for me? I love working one on one with women. Challenging someone to step out of her comfort area with clothes and then watching her admire herself. That is beautiful because she is looking at herself through fresh eyes. This is how Jesus sees us.


I am learning to build my courage via books, Bible verses, quotes and encouragement from friends and family. I recently found this devotional 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs on Amazon. I love devotionals because you can re-read them and still find something that applies to your current situations. I am eagerly anticipating receiving this one! You can purchase this book here Amazon


Another book which I recently purchased after reading a wonderful review is called Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins. It is about the misconception of the masses towards artists. For example, it was always understood that Michael Angelo, who was one of the greatest artists to live, was poor. Not so!! He was actually quite wealthy for his time. This book offers encouragement for anyone who longs to step outside the box and live his, or her, dreams. I am starting this one now! Purchase your book here Amazon


This is my year to find bravery, to conquer my fears and doubts and become all that God wants for me.

Do you need a dose of encouragement? Feel free to drop me an email or add a note in the comments section. I would be happy to cheer you on.


You can purchase this lovely print here:
Lilypad Printables

Photo sources: Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon.



Dior’s Ready to Wear Collection for Spring

Hello gorgeous!!

I was browsing the internet when I came across the Spring ready to wear collection by Dior. It completely took me by surprise! This collection is 70’s inspired and geared more towards the millenniums, but I found some great takeaways for all ages. Are you ready?! Let’s get started.


Maria Grazia Chiuri’s  collection for Dior was inspired by all of the female artists who were never truly recognized for their brilliance. The quote ” Why are there no great women artists?” on the striped boatneck top above is in reference to just that. Worn with wide legged jeans, this is a classic look.


Overalls get a new look in leather. A striped long sleeve shirt and beret gives it a French vibe. Loving this look.


Polka dots on sheer fabrics. What is not to love about this look? Ok… other than the fact that the length is pretty short.  Imagine a colorful cami beneath this, black skinny jeans and your favorite pair of booties.  Perfect for a casual weekend.


A graphic sweater?! YES!! This whole outfit is my personal favorite. Everything here is wearable. I love the idea of layering (and I do it often). Shorts+ Blouse+ Sweater= Fabulous style!


The silhouette above is so sensual. If you’ve ever tried a pencil skirt, you know what I am talking about. For a grown up look, I would wear this skirt with a cropped cardigan. Perhaps one with some embroidery, pearls, or some other embellishment.


Another look at a graphic sweater. I like Godzilla movies and would love to get my hands on this sweater. Hello, Forever 21, do you hear me?!


I am a texture freak. I have been since I was a kid. And I love the mixture of this delicate fabric toughened up with the leather jacket. From girlie to edgy!

Which of these looks speak to you? How would you wear them? Please leave a comment below with your own style ideas.

Photo sources: Vogue.com and Pinterest





Lauren Conrad’s Spring Line

Hello friends!

Have you started shopping your spring wish list yet!?  I like to add a couple of spring pieces to my  wardrobe to keep things fresh.

Currently on my radar is the pretty Spring  collection by Lauren Conrad. This season Lauren featured easy to wear mix and match pieces in spring’s gentle pastels…peachy pink, sky blue and buttercup yellow.


Fabrics flowed freely in both mini floral prints as well as neutral knits.

Gently distressed skinny jeans pair well with soft cotton, striped tees embellished with a lace hem and long knit cardigans. (So happy to see the long cardi continue to be a wardrobe staple.)


Short floral dresses with movement in soft, breathable fabrics can be worn with dressy heels or with flats for a casual look.


I love this collection because of it’s every day pieces that I can mix and match with what I already own.


You can find all these great pieces at Kohls

What do you think of Lauren’s latest collection? Love it or hate it. Leave your comment below.

Photo source: Lauren Conrad, Pinterest

Favorite Things

 IHello Darlings!!

Hope everyone is well this spring. We are in the midst of rain showers here in Pittsburgh. But that’s ok because April showers bring May flowers.


Today I thought it would be fun to share some things I find interesting with you.

I have been wanting an embroidered blouse but it had to be just so. I wanted something that fit my personality. And I found it recently at Marshalls.


This shirt is so soft & lightweight. It’s made of 100% rayon and will be perfect to wear from spring and into summer. I plan to pair  it with shorts, capris or jeans. I could even see it worn over a turtleneck sweater in the fall.


I adore the blue skies of spring, don’t you? You can bring it inside by way of accessories like this sweet pillow which was found on Pinterest.


I love a good DIY. And pearls! A girl can never go wrong with pearls. I love this updated version of the decorated initial. I haven’t purchased the items to make one, but I am already making a list to take with me to the craft store. Are you making anything for spring?!


Speaking of initials, I have been  looking at this set in etsy for a while and finally treated myself to some new jewelry. I love statement pieces, but I have been collecting some simpler necklaces lately. Mostly because I don’t dress up every day and I love throwing on a delicate piece with my tees and jeans. I chose a pink druzy stone instead of the blue. If you love this item it can be purchased from Irina’s Gems and Stamps shop


I work in an office now and I needed a few things to personalize it. So… a faux succulent was a good choice. I don’t have to water it! And my niece, whom I adore, found me this sweet cup. I have wanted an eyelash cup for a while and this one is perfect because the other side says “Slay girl slay”. I thought it was a neat way to stay positive on those not so fun days.

This concludes my list of favorite things. What about you? Is there anything you have been dreaming of and finally treated yourself? Do share by posting in my comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!




Photo sources: Pinterest , etsy, and Princess Sassy Pants and Company.