Statement Coats

I believe a coat should be functional as well as a fashion statement. More than that, it should say something about the individual wearing it.  Here’s a fun way to choose your new outer wear.

Personality types & coats….

The Realist….something structured and classic keep in her stylish and warm. Military style suits her well.



The Dreamer… she’s mooning for her Prince Charming as she steps out in a pretty  princess cut coat.


The Rocker…moto jackets and animal prints are a MUST HAVE.


The Bohemian…. this girl’s a free spirit.  She’s not afraid of the cold. Fun faux fur caresses her.


Preppy… think collegiate. Plaids rule!


Artsy….she’s creative so what better way to express herself than a cape. Better yet when she adds a brooch for flair!


Sporty….Winter sports are calling her.  Grabbing a puffer jacket & matching gloves and hat & she’s off to the slopes!


These are just a few of my favorites this winter.  Don’t see your favorite? Comment below!

Photo source: Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Statement Coats

    1. Hi Shelbee! Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I had fun putting this post together. I would wear each one of these coats as well. Obviously you are a woman with great taste😉 Hope you have a fabulous (& warm!) week.


    1. Hi Jess! Thank you for stopping by. I am very excited to be blogging once more. I decided I need to post once a week to make myself feel happy. If orhers follow along, fine. And if not, that’s fine too. I am doing this more for myself now. I think that’s the big difference. No more people pleasing! 😁 Have a great week lady & I’ll see you at the next Link Up.


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