One Year Anni!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to share my one year anniversary of Stylewise By Debra on WordPress.


This past year was a learning year.  I not only learned more about blogging,  but I learned how to have more faith and courage.  And I continue to do so as I embrace new experiences.


Along the way I have met some wonderful women through social media as well as other bloggers who I now call dear friends. We chat regularly, pray and encourage one another.


I have learned that it’s not about competing with other fashion bloggers but rather about making myself happy. I don’t necessarily have an audience in mind anymore. I just want to share what I love.


I have decided this is going to be a good year and one that I will allow God to lead me. Am I scared? A little bit. New things are always scary at first. But I know and trust my Lord. And I am confident in  Him.


This year Stylewise may go in new directions. I would like to incorporate more home decor,  DIYs, and faith posts. But don’t worry.  Stylewise by Debra will always be about fashion as well.

Let’s make this another beautiful year together!


Photo sources:Pinterest and Instagram



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