Hollis Eve Kind of Girl

Hello friends!!

Today I want to introduce you to Hollis Eve Company , an online boutique featuring gently worn items. I discovered this shop on the Thrifting Amino app that I help moderate.

Hollis Eve is the brainchild of two sisters from the south who discovered a love of thrifted and vintage clothing.


Influenced by fashion trends, 90’s  grunge and vintage style, the brand has a real bohemian vibe.

The Hollis Eve girl is a free spirit. She’s confident. She cares for others. But she is also shy and romantic at heart.


The boutique was a thrift shop in it’s infant years, but has grown, with the sisters,  into a specialty shop. Paly Bo does personal styling and Hollis scouts for one of a kind pieces. Their Facebook page is managed by their talented employee Doree, a cosplay artist, whom they met on You Tube.


Paly Bo explained, “I’m passionate about people loving themselves and others. I want to help individuals feel good about themselves personally and professionally. To help others discover their dreams and getting there in style.”


As kids the sisters were picked on in school because of their choice of style, something many of us can relate to.

“We would like to create a program to help low income families with children have fashionable clothing. We are 100% against bullying and those making any one feel they have no worth”, Hollis shared.


The ladies shared a piece of advice for other entrepreneurs. Find yourself  a niche, something unique to offer. Network. Help others. And be patient.

If you liked this post you can follow Hollis Eve Company via their website Hollis Eve. 

And other social media.

Facebook page @HollisEve

Depop @Hollis_Eve_Co

Instagram @bad_Hair_Day36


All photos are owned by Hollis Eve Company and were used with permission.

I want to thank Paly Bo And Hollis for allowing me to share a bit of what they do. I hope you enjoyed this post and visit them via one of their shops or social media.




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