Modest Swimwear


Hello lovely,

Do you detest putting on a swimsuit as much as I do? Being a Christian, and a role model for my teenaged niece, makes finding  modest swim wear a challenge. I know I am not the only woman out there who feels this way.

So where do we begin the search? I went to my old reliable friend Pinterest and found some really pretty suits that give you great coverage.


This first suit is a one piece that is slightly ruched  in the mid section  which helps camoflauge. This beautiful Lake Blue beauty can be found here Rosegal


This next suit is actually a one piece. I truly love the deep red wrapped tie top that floats away from the body.  You can see more here Liligal


You didn’t think I could post without one boho item did you? Digging the higher waist on the bottoms on this two piece bikini and that fabulous print. Shop here Vivimarks


This gorgeous lily printed suit with fluttery sleeves is spot on for the trendy girl.  And you thought one piece suits were for ” little old ladies”. Grab yours here Iyasson


Vintage meets modern in this beautiful scallope trimmed black and white confection. Dreamy! Find it here Iyasson


Glammed up tiers on a one piece. You could wear a long flowy skirt and sandals with this and be ready for a dinner date  and romantic walk on a moonlit beach. So elegant.  Find your treasured pearl here Island Trends


Dainty floral tankini that’s flirty but never vulgar.  This top could be paired with your favorite jeans and worn to shop as well.  More bang for your buck! Check out here Mob Fashion Boutique

As you can see you don’t have to be afraid to go to the beach or the pool anymore. There are so many nice choices in modest swimwear. Find your style today!


All photos were found on Pinterest.



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