How to Dress Gatsby Glam from Head to Toe

Hey friends! My friend over at Flappery Co. shared this post on how you can create a perfect flapper look. Oh, and while you are at it, see more of her fabulous posts on style, decor and more!!

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There are always scads of ladies after the Gatsby-inspired look for a holiday party, vintage wedding, or special event – which just goes to show that vintage is still coming out on top in fashion style. Gatsby was glamorous and luxurious, and many of the looks leave us catching ourselves wiping drool from the corner of our mouths. Part of the reason this era seems so awe-inspiring is because of one thing – the fabrics.

Fabrics during this era were gorgeous. Silk and satin, velvet and fur. Everything about them is lush and wonderful and they are most certainly head-turners.

One of the most prominent accessories during the Gatsby era were headbands.  Many ladies, as pictured below, decided to throw off their hats and dress their famous bobs up with a beaded velvet ribbon, lace scarf, or an extra accessory such as a brooch, bow, flowers, and in particular…

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Summer Style Tips

Hey loves!!!

I hope you’ve been enjoying some gorgeous weather. When the temps rise, the first thing I think is what  can I wear that will keep me cool? So today I want to share some summer style tips with you to keep you looking cool as a cucumber.

Style Tip 1:  Wear loose clothing. Think flowing dresses, maxi skirts, A line tops. Cool colors verses darks. I say reach for cool colors during the day & save your darks for the evenings. Cool colors do not absorb heat and thus will keep you feeling refreshed.



Style Tip 2: Wear natural fibers. Invest in cottons, silks, or linens for summer months. They let your skin breath.

Style Tip 3: Break out those open toed shoes and sandals. I can’t wait for summer to arrive so I can wear my favorite shoes!!

Style Tip 4: Stay hydrated. I know this seems like a no brainer, but sometimes we get busy and forget to drink enough water. It is especially important to get enough water during warmer weather to keep our skin and complexions healthy.


Style Tip 5: Sunscreen. Wear it! I am the first to admit, I do not slather the stuff on like I should and some day it WILL catch up to me. Skin cancer is NOT pretty and I know all my girls want to stay pretty.

Style Tip 6: Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. Believe it or not, squinting due to bright sunlight, increases your chance of fine lines around the eye area.

Style Tip 7: Go easy of the fragrances.  Just a spritz during warm months is enough because as your body temperature rises your fragrance will grow stronger.

Hope these little tips help to keep you nice and cool this summer. Have your own summer style tip to share? Leave it in the comment section below to share.



Temperly London

Hello darlings!

I am so excited about the recent Spring collection from Temperley London. With a bohemian vibe it boasts billowing frocks in bright, cheerful colors and rich embroideries. Sleeves were full and frilly.

3ea6231537e08db021c1a85cacd4a536This halter styled dress screams 1970s.

temperleyspring2017eWispy florals were a theme in this collection.

temperley_london_spring_summer_2017_collection_london_fashion_week8Pastels and volumes of rich fabrics.

temperley-london-springsummer-2017For all those funky Nicole Richie girls out there. This one fits the bill.

The last one is my personal favorite.From the print to the colors, it is perfection. Which is your favorite?

Photos found at Pop Sugar, Philosophy of Fashion, Pinterest, and Fashionisers.