Blooming Dahlia

Hello beautiful!!

Have you ever crafted an inspiration board? Then you know it’s all about gathering items to create a theme. Today I’d like to share some boards inspired by a lovely dusty peach called Blooming Dahlia. The color experts at Pantone named it the Spring color of 2018.


I love this color because it reminds me of the gentleness of sunset, the beauty of a seashell….it is wistful and warming.

This color looks lovely with cream, dusty rose, mint, teal and turquoise like shown below.


Fashion follows trend setters like Pantone. The true beauty of this color is that it works well with all skin types.


This flowing tunic top by Suzanne Betro can be worn from spring through winter. In summer, wear with cropped pants & beaded sandals. In fall, toss it on with jeans and brown booties. For the holidays wear it with winter white slacks, rose gold heels and faux fur. Shop this look here: Zulily


Blooming Dahlia looks amazing used in accessories too like these delicate leather  earrings by Unruly Earring Bar. Shop here Unruly Earring Bar



Blooming Dahlia looks lovely in home decor as well. Wouldn’t it be smashing on a focal wall?!


These frilly curtains add an air of wistfulness to a guest room.


Dragonflies grace this beautiful area rug by Liora Mann. This would look delightful in a sunroom or on a patio. Order yours here: Rugs Direct

Blooming Dahlia is by far one of my favorite colors.


Do you like Blooming Dahlia? How would you use this color? Please share in the comments section below.



All photos were found online via  Pinterest, Rugs Direct, Unruly Earring Bar and Zulily. The ruffled lily photo is my own.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

Hello my loves!

For as long as I can remember I have always admired women with curly, wavy or tousled hair. There’s a certain kind of freedom from tossled locks. I suppose that could be my wanna be bohemian coming out in me. There’s a restless spirit inside me that I choose to free by wearing my hair a little tousled.


I remember as far back as middle school (because this is when I took notice of my own appearance) that I always loved the girl with not so perfectly feathered bangs. My idea of beauty was not exactly like everyone else.


In the summer I wore my hair long & loose. And even better yet was real beach waves! I felt so glamorous with my mermaid hair flowing down my back after a day splashing in the water.

My inspiration for my look comes from a few key women. Most noticeably Meg Ryan. Who can begin to describe her gorgeous wild hair…


I remember thinking how cool it was that an adult had messy hair. In reality I don’t think Meg is that much older than me.


And then is the ravishing Michelle Pfeiffer. Selina Kyle, Catwoman, from the Batman Returns movie, was my girl crush. Those tousled locks were purr-fection. Me-ow!


Even tamed waves fabulously frame her beautiful face.



More recently my focus shifted to Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw.  Who didn’t want to be a writer and live fashionably? Always the trend setter, Carrie kept you enthralled with her sense of style,  including her notorious waves.


Sorry for the chest exposure. Even still, how lovely…


I choose this look because I want to be uniquely me. Sometimes I feel as though I may be pushing the envelope, but I know who I am and how I see myself. I may work as a receptionist, but I am anything but boring!

Is there someone you admire for their sense of style? Post in the comments below.

All photos were found on Pinterest with the exception of my own.

Modest Swimwear


Hello lovely,

Do you detest putting on a swimsuit as much as I do? Being a Christian, and a role model for my teenaged niece, makes finding  modest swim wear a challenge. I know I am not the only woman out there who feels this way.

So where do we begin the search? I went to my old reliable friend Pinterest and found some really pretty suits that give you great coverage.


This first suit is a one piece that is slightly ruched  in the mid section  which helps camoflauge. This beautiful Lake Blue beauty can be found here Rosegal


This next suit is actually a one piece. I truly love the deep red wrapped tie top that floats away from the body.  You can see more here Liligal


You didn’t think I could post without one boho item did you? Digging the higher waist on the bottoms on this two piece bikini and that fabulous print. Shop here Vivimarks


This gorgeous lily printed suit with fluttery sleeves is spot on for the trendy girl.  And you thought one piece suits were for ” little old ladies”. Grab yours here Iyasson


Vintage meets modern in this beautiful scallope trimmed black and white confection. Dreamy! Find it here Iyasson


Glammed up tiers on a one piece. You could wear a long flowy skirt and sandals with this and be ready for a dinner date  and romantic walk on a moonlit beach. So elegant.  Find your treasured pearl here Island Trends


Dainty floral tankini that’s flirty but never vulgar.  This top could be paired with your favorite jeans and worn to shop as well.  More bang for your buck! Check out here Mob Fashion Boutique

As you can see you don’t have to be afraid to go to the beach or the pool anymore. There are so many nice choices in modest swimwear. Find your style today!


All photos were found on Pinterest.




Hello there beautiful!!

A new post is coming soon, but in the meantime here are some lovely things to dream about.


Just looking at beach waves soothes my soul. I can feel their ebb and flow. And hear their crashes and whispers.


I love shades of blue. All of them are so soothing. Blue reminds me of the ocean.


This gorgeous dress above belongs to my dear friend Janice at Racked Vintage


Mermaid hair above found on Style Craze.


Sadly I can’t remember where I found this lovely photo. The details of this Victorian style blouse are stunning.

Check out this gorgeous embellished gown worn by Angela from Runway Done My Way. Have you seen her wonderful videos?! No?! Runway Done My Way


Justa Google search for the very fine images of the beach and ocean.

I hope this post gives you comfort. I enjoyed putting together a little vacation for the mind.

Blessings lovelies! 💋

Photo sources: Google, Pinterest,  and Instagram.

Words to live by

Hey dolls,

I am encourager by nature. I am also an optimist. In a word, I am an eternal “cheerleader”. But if I am honest sometimes even a cheerleader needs something or someone to lift her spirits. I hope you find inspiration in these quotes I found on Pinterest.
















The photos above are from Pinterest with the exception of Princess Sassy Pants which is copyrighted and owned exclusively by PSP & Company and Jane Lee Logan. You can see more of her inspiring works of art here Princess Sassy Pants


Blessings darlings!









The Lisbon Collection from OPI

Hello beautiful!

I am so happy to share the latest nail polish colors from OPI inspired by the beautiful city of Lisbon.

OPI Lisbon Collection

From the amazing architecture to the bold colors of the city come an enchanted assemblage of nail lacquers that fill one with hope.

The limited edition consists of 12 colors that come in three variations : Infinite Shine , Nail Lacquer, and GelColor.


The colors above row by row include…

Row 1: Made It to the Seventh Heaven, Lisbon Wants Moor OPI, You’ve Got Nata On Me, Tagus in That Selfie.

Row 2: No Turning Back From Pink Street, A Red-Vival City, Now Museum, Now You Don’t,  We Seafood and We Eat It.

Row 3: Sun, Sea and Sand In My Pants, Closer Than You Might Belem, Tile Art to Warm Your Heart, Suzi Chases Portugeese.

What I love about these colors is their versatility.  You can add the bold  mosaic inspired shade of Tile Art to Warm Your Heart or metalic red Now Museum, Now You Don’t to a modern bohemian look like the one I created below.


The classic look below calls for understated nails. The soft golden rose of Made it To the Seventh Hill, neutral Suzi Chases Portugeese or the  pale peach of Lisbon Wants Moor OPI would be meet these needs.


Overall I find this collection very wearable. In exciting colors to compliment all skin shades, there is no guessing games. You can try on here. OPI Try On Studio

My favorite color in this collection is the rose gold Made It to The Seventh Heaven which is a MUST HAVE for Spring 2018.

All photos and links owned by OPI with the exception of the style boards created by me on Polyvore.

One Year Anni!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to share my one year anniversary of Stylewise By Debra on WordPress.


This past year was a learning year.  I not only learned more about blogging,  but I learned how to have more faith and courage.  And I continue to do so as I embrace new experiences.


Along the way I have met some wonderful women through social media as well as other bloggers who I now call dear friends. We chat regularly, pray and encourage one another.


I have learned that it’s not about competing with other fashion bloggers but rather about making myself happy. I don’t necessarily have an audience in mind anymore. I just want to share what I love.


I have decided this is going to be a good year and one that I will allow God to lead me. Am I scared? A little bit. New things are always scary at first. But I know and trust my Lord. And I am confident in  Him.


This year Stylewise may go in new directions. I would like to incorporate more home decor,  DIYs, and faith posts. But don’t worry.  Stylewise by Debra will always be about fashion as well.

Let’s make this another beautiful year together!


Photo sources:Pinterest and Instagram