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Hey babes!

Do you shop small? What I mean is do you shop in small businesses. I support many small businesses.

Here are some reasons I support smallย  businesses.

*Small businesses are often locally owned (giving back to my community makes me feel good) or an online shop.ย  These folks are entrepreneurs living their dream.

*Small businesses are all about growing their customer base so I know I will get great customer service.ย  They appreciate their customers and will typically offer special discounts.

*I like finding items that can’t be found in the mall or other stores.ย  Finding something truly unique or made to order sets me apart from following the crowd.

*Cosmetic and beauty products made in smaller batches means my product won’t spoil before I can finish using it.

*Some small businesses such as vintage clothing and thrift boutiques are popping up all over the internet.ย  I love them because I believe in reusing what we can and shopping these types of stores helps keep at least a wee bit of fabrics from being tossed intoย  landfills.

So that being said where DO I shop? I frequent a few of these and a couple are on my radar.

Margarita Bloom

Regina from Margarita Bloom is just the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She represents the brand that manufactures natural beauty products such as soaps,ย  lotions,ย  bath salts,ย  lipsticks,ย  etc.ย  She will work with you and personalize your scent.ย  Go treat yourself and tell her I sent you.

Racked Vintage

My girl friend Janice is the owner/ curator of this vintage wonderland. I seriously can’t look at her shop without swooning.ย  She’s been inย  the business for years and is a true professional.ย  If you dream of cupcake dresses from the 50s , look no further than Racked Vintage.

Salt Light Company

I recently discovered this shop when I was looking for an organic goat milk lotion for my face.ย  Oh my goodness! The cream I bought is amazing! I highly recommend givingย  this family owned business a try. They produce all their body products from nature.ย  Jessica is very prompt and cordial and best of all this small business is centered on Christ.


Robyn is the creative genius behind this gorgeous shop. Each hand crafted piece is truly a work of art. If you want oneย  of a kind jewelry,ย  you will certainly not be disappointed.ย  Wait until you see the selection!!

Hollis Eve Company

Remember this fabulous thriftย  company made up of twin sisters that I recently interviewed?! See postย Here

They hunt for treasures everywhere and have many platforms to shop from.ย  From depop to Facebook, you will get your fix of affordable wearables.

The Gilded Girl

This is a local Pittsburgh beauty boutique.ย  The owner is a dream.ย  I actually came across her via instagram and quickly started following her. I love that she provides many services such as private parties, a huge assortment of natural beauty products and perfumes,ย  and personal customer care.

So there are my top picks of small businesses that I choose to support.ย  Each one is exceeds my expectations and the entrepreneurs are all delightful women.ย  Please do visit them. And if you have a favorite small business you support , please share in the comments section below.



Tantalizing Tassels

Hey loves!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine wherever you live. We’ve had sun as well as showers lately. But that’s ok. Rainy days are fun for crafting and DIYs.


I adore tassels! They can be used in so many ways like these simple ribbons tied to a dreamcatcher. This is a fun project & can be made in a day.


Tassels can be added to crocheted grannie squares and used as tree ornamentsย  for Christmas or as a suncatcher in a window.


Added to clothing, tassels add so much pizzazz! Just look at this beautiful dress by Balmain!!


Wrapped around the ankle, as these shoes show, tassels add a bit of subtle sex appeal.


Homes get a makeover when added to blankets and toss pillows. Instant bohemian glamour


Who can resist a fun accessory? Try a bold earring like the ones above with a basic tee shirt and jeans and let them be your showstopper.

Like these ideas? Stay tuned for a quick and easy tutorial on how you can create your own affordable tassels.

All photos found on Pinterest.d777415a6087f305ea89a1d91ff606c3

Favorite Things

ย IHello Darlings!!

Hope everyone is well this spring. We are in the midst of rain showers here in Pittsburgh. But that’s ok because April showers bring May flowers.


Today I thought it would be fun to share some things I find interesting with you.

I have been wanting an embroidered blouse but it had to be just so. I wanted something that fit my personality. And I found it recently at Marshalls.


This shirt is so soft & lightweight. It’s made of 100% rayon and will be perfect to wear from spring and into summer. I plan to pairย  it with shorts, capris or jeans. I could even see it worn over a turtleneck sweater in the fall.


I adore the blue skies of spring, don’t you? You can bring it inside by way of accessories like this sweet pillow which was found on Pinterest.


I love a good DIY. And pearls! A girl can never go wrong with pearls. I love this updated version of the decorated initial. I haven’t purchased the items to make one, but I am already making a list to take with me to the craft store. Are you making anything for spring?!


Speaking of initials, I have beenย  looking at this set in etsy for a while and finally treated myself to some new jewelry. I love statement pieces, but I have been collecting some simpler necklaces lately. Mostly because I don’t dress up every day and I love throwing on a delicate piece with my tees and jeans. I chose a pink druzy stone instead of the blue. If you love this item it can be purchased fromย Irina’s Gems and Stamps shop


I work in an office now and I needed a few things to personalize it. So… a faux succulent was a good choice. I don’t have to water it! And my niece, whom I adore, found me this sweet cup. I have wanted an eyelash cup for a while and this one is perfect because the other side says “Slay girl slay”. I thought it was a neat way to stay positive on those not so fun days.

This concludes my list of favorite things. What about you? Is there anything you have been dreaming of and finally treated yourself? Do share by posting in my comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!




Photo sources: Pinterest , etsy, and Princess Sassy Pants and Company.

Jewelry Trend & DIY

feather bibย 

Hello dolls!!

Do you ever think about jewelry as an extension of yourself? When you envision the queen of England at a formal affair, can you picture her without her crown? Well that’s exactly why I want to share with you today. Your jewelry should not be some after thought. It should speak about who you are. ย An extension of yourself.

Fall jewelry trends feature layered necklaces, lariets or the Y necklace. Statement pieces in mixed metals. Bibs and chockers caressed necks on the runways.

Tassles, beading, and feathers graced earlobes. Nature inspired jewelry that lent a festive vibe.


fringed earrings


Today I want to share with you how to create some of these trendy pieces to add to your fall wardrobe. All you need is a little time and patience. And of course a trip to your local craft store or your own jewelry box. If you are like me , you save those bits that look interesting. You know, the broken pieces from your favorite necklace that you no longer wear and have discarded.


braided metallic necklace


  • Firstly, you must decide on a design. I am choosing the earrings I shared above. To recreate these little beauties from Anthroplogie, you will need hoops that open and close. You should choose a size that doesn’t overwhelm your face. Remember that jewelry, ย like make up, ย is meant to enhance your features. Here is a link to purchase inexpensive hoopsย claire’sย I have purchased these in the past and they work well for creating your own Anthro inspired earrings.


  • Secondly, ย you will need chains in mixed metals to embellish your hoops. Either recycled necklaces or chain from the craft store will do. Remember to pick chains with links that will slip over the hoops easily. ย You can cut your chain ย in any length, but for this look I will keep mine one half inch.


  • You will also need a tool to cut the chain with which you can purchase at a craft or hobby store. They are usually located in the jewelry and bead section. They look like this :


wire cutters

Here’s a link to purchase these if you don’t happen to have any…wire cutters at JoAnn’s

Take your time cutting your chain. Place the cutters on one side of a link and firmly press handle to cut. ย Sometimes you need to wiggle your cutters a bit to completely open the link.

Once cut thread chains over hoops and try them on. If the chain length is too long for your taste, you can easily adjust ย by cutting them shorter.

Wear your new fall jewels with your favorite jeans & tee or a dress and boots. They are versatile enough to wear from day to evening.




All of the jewelry pictures belong to Anthropologie with the exception of the Weekender Polyvore style board.